Webinar Director Videos

Video Guides

Due to the visual configuration it is easier to show configuration in director.
We have several webinars from our beloved Webinars Team

Most of these Webinars are in German language:

(german) Connecting Icinga 2 satellites includes Director (October 2018) here

(german) Connecting vSphere/ESXi with Director (August 2018) here

(german) Server monitoring including Director (Februar 2017) here

(german) Director Installation and Setup (July 2017) here

(german) News from our config tool (Director) (March 2017) here

(german) Director configuration made easy (March 2016) here

To Do’s

We encourage our community to provide additional how to’s in other foreign languages.
Either in written :open_book: form or in visual form like above in visual :video_camera: screencast form.