Migration from pnp4nagios to graphite/grafana

Hi, I’m wondering about migrate from pnp4nagios to graphite and grafana, which is the best way to do? I’d like to preserve old graphs too, or import them in graphite.
Another question: is it possible to use pnp4nagios and graphite together?
I have icinga2 2.10.5 and icingaweb2 2.6.4

I don’t think this can be done, as the retention settings differ between graphite and pnp4nagios.
They use a different file structure, encoding and retention settings.

Using them together can be done, but you only can display one of them in icingaweb2 via their modules.
Also using both at the same time will use much more storage, as you have to keep both retention databases.

Here is a very detailed how to for graphite:

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I know only a way from pnp to influx. Did you try to search on github?

Just renembered there is a datasource plugin for grafana to use pnp as backend

Thank you very much for suggestions, I’ll take a look

From my experience with users and customers, you typically need to provide the current system as “archive” for at least some months. This is especially true for systems where you cannot migrate that easily, or the company policy says “10 years archived” or similar.

A migration with rrd2whisper is found on the Internet, but keep the following in mind:

  • Object names may be different
  • Storage and retention differs
  • Additional metadata from PNP needs to be migrated manually, or found workarounds with custom variables

I’d say starting with a fresh Graphite setup in parallel works best.