Master supervised by another master

In the picture, which is referred in the [[master1_fqdn]] and [[master2_fqdn]] on the setup part? Is master1 “Master B” and master2 “Master A2” ?
I assume Master A2 is the Icinga2-corp one ?

Not at all.
On of my infrastructure as 2 master (master A1 and masterA2) wich supervise master B
So when I run the node setup I specify the 2 host. If you have only one master you just set this one.
So in my context « icinga2-corp » on master B is the name of the second instance which run icinga2 as agent which report to master A1 and masterA2

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Regarding the second instance icinga2-corp, is that just the same complete installation as the the first one with separate DB etc ?

you don’t need to install anything else, all the necessary binaries are in place (if your server is already configured like icinga master).
You just have to create a second systemd service (call icinga2-corp in my case) and start this service with the agent configuration (which is generated by running icinga2 node wizard with all the parameter linked to the file of that second.
Do you try to follow the steps describe in my previous post ?
If yes what happen on your server ?
NB : If you can create a snapshot before playing in case of emergency

Yes, I did follow but it fails in the last step to actyually start the service icinga2-corp saying that some file (or path) is missing… I reverted the snapshot to start over so I don’t have the actual error right now, but will do it over again and see if I just missed or misspelled some foldername or similar… Thanks for all the help so far!

Just rerunned the setup and there was indeed just a small error in the config for the service… So it works now! Thanks!

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