Icingadb service don't started

I have a problem when trying to start the icingadvb service.


this is my config.yml

Greenshot 2024-01-25 02.14.14

here my version

did you update icingadb recently? If Yes, did you run the sql migration script?

and it looks strange because the error says you have 1.0.0-rc2 running. and the latest icingadb is 1.1.1

was applied but with the following message.

mysql -u root -p icingadb < /usr/share/icingadb/schema/mysql/upgrades/1.1.1.sql
Enter password:
ERROR 1061 (42000) at line 7: Duplicate key name ‘idx_customvar_flat_flatname_flatvalue’


why do you habe icingadb 1.0.0 rc2 installed?

for some reason I thought it was the compatible version and also in the icinga repo you can’t find the icingadb 1.1.1 pakete for centos.

I’m sure I’m wrong

ahh you installed something like this:
and since centos dropped support for centos8 icinga stopped providing packages as well.


your options are the following:

  • get a icinga subscription and use centos/alma/rocky Icinga » Subscriptions
  • use a “subscription free os” like suse/ubuntu/debian for your master node
  • use centos7 but if that runs eol icinga will most likely drop free packages as well.
  • compile the packages yourself.

I can use icinga + icingaweb2 without icingadb?

you can but there are no updates or you for centos8 unless you get a subscription.
and you can only use the monitoring module with ido.

Thanks for the info, now I have downgraded icingadb to Icinga DB version: v1.0.0-rc2-dev by creating the database and applying the script mysql -u root -p icingadb < /usr/share/icingadb/schema/mysql/schema.sql everything is fine.

but when I go to see the detail ops

then I remembered that I was in a version
icingadb --version
Icinga DB version: v1.0.0-rc2-dev and had to apply the corresponding script
but it was when everything got too complicated


I really don’t understand this behavior I am supposed to be using a correct version on centos8/rhel8 since it is in the repository why I keep getting schema version failures.

please read that post again: Icingadb service don't started - #6 by moreamazingnick
If you don’t get an icinga subscription there are no official “up to date” icingadb packages for you on centos8.