Getting error when deploy via Director in Icinga HA


I have installed second master for HA and its successfully running and its cominication to master 1.

The scenerio is I stop icinga2 on master 1 node then I change any object on icingaweb2 after that deploying new configuration in director module getting following error:


P.S. : /var/log/icinga2/icinga2.log does not include about this issue.

I would be very grateful if you could help me where I made a mistake.





Here some facts:

If you stop icinga on master1 which is in your case the configuration master deploy is no longer possible.

You can only have one config master.

If the config master is broken, fix it or dump it and create a new one

So what is the purpose of Icinga master HA?

We have two data centers. We will physically change the location of our second data center. Icinga is currently working in its second datacenter. I was thinking of taking advantage of the Icinga HA architecture and easily switching to the first datacenter, but as far as I understand, it will not happen this way. I understand that, as you said, I should set up a new master server at first datacenter and have it managed from there.

you can promote the secondary master. =>

I believe that it is possible to move the config master “role” from one server to another but I didn’t try that yet.

it could be something like:

deleting some directories, deploy director config to other master…

Icinga2 in case of monitoring is HA, but the configuration management is not HA and I think it doesn’t need to be. If your config master is dead your next step should be to restore the HA state of the cluster immediately because if your second icinga2 node is gone you have no monitoring at all.