Dependency with two parents

Good morning,

I want to make a dependency between my satellite and two WAN connections.

My setup:

The active Master checks the cluster (satellite reachable) and the two WAN connections.
My target is to built a depedency to disable check and notification for the cluster, if only both wan connections lost.

Sounds like a job for check_multi.


check_icmp should be able to handle this and ping both addresses by adding a second one to the -H parameter and

    number of alive hosts required for success
check_icmp -H -m 2
./check_icmp -H -m 2
OK - rta 9,166ms, lost 0% :: rta nan, lost 100% :: rta 19,070ms, lost 0%

But there is an issue with check_icmp if it come from the nagios-plugins package (on CentOS at least), that the calculation of the min alive is not working. I already opened a github issue, but no response until now:

Therefore on my CentOS system I switched to check_mping

Or business process logic, or the DSL cluster checks. The multi parents discussion is still going on on GitHub, I am out of ideas for now.


I’d go for the business process module, too.

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