Windows Agent ping4 check pending

I’ve got a simple windows agent with no services defined and just the hostalive command. This agent is on a Zone that is on a satellite. This host check works fine:

Icinga or Directory I’m really not sure which, also includes a ping4 service automatically. This ping4 service is stuck in pending state. However if I create a service called Ping using the ping4 command and assign this server to the host group that contains my server this service works fine.


I can not find anything in the log files on either the master, satellite or agent that leads me to what could be going on.

I’m running icinga r2.13.7-1 on the master and satellite (both linux ubuntu servers)
I’m running the Icinga windows agent version 2.13.7

Hello Matt!

Please share the icinga2.conf files from the agent and all its parent nodes.