Windows agent client to host connection

Hello everyone!
I am currently trying to connect a windows client to a Centos8 icinga master running on a VM.
The setup, however, fails to fetch the certificate from my master.

Running the Icinga windows agent setup wizard prompts me with the following error:
> critical/pki: Cannot connect to host ‘localhost.localdomain’ on port '5665’
> critical/cli: Failed to fetch certificate from host.

I was following a guide ( but stumbled on a problem when trying to run the following command:
"ssh-copy-id -i $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa icinga@ssh-agent1.localdomain"
This gives a respond: "NoLogin Invalid option – 'c’

Does anyone know what i should do to resolve these problems and make the client able to connect to the master?


The doc you’ve mentioned just lists possible options for agent based monitoring.
I really don’t think you want to SSH into your Windows machine :wink:

Maybe this guide helps.

All the best,