Why is the Check-Source set to the master for ping4-, icinga-,... -Checks?

Hey all!

I’ve been adding some hosts and wanted to try the warnings. For this I purposely shut down Icinga on one of my agents with systemctl stop icinga2. But I get no warning. I think it comes down to the Check-Source which is automatically set to the master. Is there any reason that the Icinga-Check is set to the master and can I possibly set it to the agent that I would like to monitor.

I added the Services through the Icinga-Director. Only the Check Disk does have the Check-Source of the Agent. If you need any conf file please specify it - I will be happy to post it :smiley:

  • Working on a Debian
  • All Icinga stuff is up to date as it is just installed

Gonna solve my own issue here:

I noticed that I did not select “run on agent: yes” in the director. Now the services are running on the agents