Warnung Notificiation doesn't work, but Custom and Critial do

Hello everyone,

i have a problem :slight_smile:

Our icinga2 is running overall good. Unfortunately i figured out, that our Warning notifications doesn’t work. Even if icinga2 tells me that it sends already over 300 notifications.

When i just try to send a custom notification from this state…it works without any problem.

Also all critical/ok Host/Service notifications working fine.

I configured most of our icinga2 with the director. For testing i tried to configure 2 notification apply rules. One for Crit/Ok and one for Warn/Ok, but both with transitions Problem/Recovery.

On all services i set Enable Notifications on true(also on all Hosts)

Maybe somebody had a idea or need more screenshots.

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Problem can be marked as solved.

After looking in new posts within the forum i found out, that i missed to put in to my user template the warning notifications.

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