Very fast interval check

Hi !

So far so good. I have almost everything setup but I want more and push it to the limits :wink:

I have services running on some endpoints that spit out a job time value every +/- 6 seconds. What is the best way to get this value into icinga so it can be shown in a chart and is this 6 second interval doable ?
Any suggestions or tips to start with ?


Found this: Docs

Think this is what I need. Any other tips or maybe some good references to (other) examples?
Any special needs to make sure this goes fast and smooth?


The same chapter has some reference implementations for querying objects in various languages. These can be easily modified to just send a POST request towards an action URL endpoint. Or you’ll look into the source code from listed integrations. Pick a language you’re familiar with and start coding :slight_smile:

Here’s an URL from the upcoming 2.11 release where I have added many more details: