Updating icinga2

Hello. I am currently in the process of changing my icinga2 master to another server/machine. The current icigna2 master is running version 2.6 while the new master will be running icinga2 2.10.3-1.

I have successfully written an ansible playbook that will automate the cert creation/signing. The only issue i have is that we have a bunch of checks on our current icinga2 instance for example dell openmanage check among many others. My question is , is there a way to have these new checks available once i change to the new host? What would i need to do so that all the custom checks we have will smoothly transfer to our new host.

Why don’t you use the most current version of icinga?

Most properly your current system does have additional check plugins installed and its corresponding command objects. You need to copy all that stuff to your new system.