Unsatisfied dependencies

VERSION: icinga2 - The Icinga 2 network monitoring daemon (version: 2.11.3-1)
Platform: CentOS Linux (7)

Director Version: v1.7.2

Icinga Director depends on the following modules, please install/upgrade as required

Module Name: reactbundle
Installed: v0.6.0
Required: >=0.7.0

Module Name: incubator
Installed: v0.3.0
Required: >=0.5.0

I followed the documentation to install director but I am getting these errors.
Any help will be appreciated

I have even uninstalled version v1.7.2 and installed v1.7.0 but still same error.
reactbundle : >=0.7.0
ipl : >=0.3.0
incubator : >=0.5.0

Well, never mind. I was able to search the Google for latest version of reactbundle and incubator. I installed them and then re-installed director version 1.7.2.
Everything seems to be working now!

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