Unreachable host status don't become down

Hello to all

i have a problem with my icinga configuration

i installed the server and one linux client (i’m beginning now to use icinga) and the communication between the server and the client works fine; i see the client “up” and i’m able to monitor some service on the client

The problem is that, when i disconnect the client from the network, the host status remains “up”, with a small clock, and don’t change in “down”

When i reconnect the client, the host status is correctly updated in down and then come back to be “up”

It seems that when the master is not able to communicate with the client, the information of the client are not updated on the gui

The time of the server and the client are synchonyzed

Is it a mistake in the configuration? Did i wrong some configurations?

Thanks a lot for the help

Hello an welcome,

this happens when a zone (each icinga agent host has its own zone) is disconnected and all checks including host check is done by the agent. Can you share your host configuration of your agent please?