Unhandled services not defined in Icinga configuration

From Icingaweb2, I can see UNKNOWN (unhandled) services that are nor defined in the Icinga2 configuration. The services name visible in Icingaweb2 does not exist in the ‘icinga2 object list’.
I made a lot of tests to be sure I do not generate such services in my config and of course I also restarted all services … nothing to do, services still appear in Icingaweb2. I also search potential traces of these services name in the Icinga2 config. and runtime files (/var, /etc/, …) on the disk and they don’t! I am wondering if there is an Icingaweb2 cache or persistent config. somewhere separate from the Icinga2 config.?

Thank you in advance for your help

IcingaWeb2: 2.5.0
OS: Linux CentOS 7
Web browser: Firefox

(same behaviour from Icingaweb2 running on Windows 10, Google Chrome)

Hi & welcome to the icinga community,

Your icingaweb2 is pretty old. I’d start with its upgrade up to 2.8.2 first and verify if the problem still exists.

Hi Roland,
Ok I will do that and come back to you if needed.

By the way Roland, could you tell me how to use the Announce Banner feature.
I expected global Banner message when creating a new Annoucement in 'Icingaweb2/System/Announcement, but nothing visible in the interface although the announcement was successfully created ?! ( I would like to inform users about the tool upgrade).

No idea, I’m sorry…