Trying to get invalid property "zone_id" (DbObject.php:254)


When I’m trying to deploy my changes from the icinga2 director I am getting an error of

    • Trying to get invalid property “zone_id” (DbObject.php:254)


Hello there!

Can you supply a little more information about your setup?
Versions of Icinga, Icinga Web and the Director would be a start :slight_smile:

And some more background info on what you’re trying to do would be helpful as well :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Hi Feu,

Regarding the issue I have reinstalled the icinga2.
I’m trying to configure the REST API, and this is the response that I’m getting.

here is my host.conf file -

object Host “monhiem” {

address = “xxxxxxxxxx”
vars.os = “Linux”
vars.web443 = true
check_command = “hostalive”
event_command = “send_to_businesstool”[“http”] = {
http_uri = “/api/cities”

object EventCommand “send_to_businesstool” {
command = [
“-X GET”
arguments = {
“-H” = {
value ="$businesstool_url$"
vars.businesstool_url = “https://xxxxxxxxxxx/api/cities

object Service “checking” {
host_name = “monhiem”

check_command = “hostalive”

event_command = “send_to_businesstool”

and the service file -

apply Service “web443” {
import “generic-service”
display_name = “web443”
check_command = “http”
vars.http_port = “443”
vars.http_timeout = “10”
assign where host.vars.web443 == true