Tricky notification configuration


I would like to configure some notifications for some HTTP checks.
I’m checking 3 webservers. Let’s call the services “A”, “B” and “C”.
The notifications would be some incidents opened in our ticketing tool.

There won’t be any notification associated to applied to service A.
For B and C I would need to open a ticket

  • with severity 1 if the status of service A is critical
  • with severity 2 if the status of service A is not critical

I checked the documentation related to the notifications and didn’t found anything that looked appropriate to me.

Would you have any idea how to configure such a thing?

Thanks for your help!

I think you should be able to use check_multi for this - create a combined
check which looks at A, B and C, and then issues a notification as appropriate.

Alternatively you could write your own service check which uses
get_service(host, service_check_name).state for each service_check_name and
then combines them as you need to produce a single result and therefore a


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You may be able to do something similar to this solution:

Thank you, I completely forgot about check_multiple. I’ll investigate in this direction!

Thanks, I’ll give it a look :slight_smile: