Time based notification

I have set time based notification by defining TimePeriod A in /etc/icinga2/zones.d/master/timeperiods.conf.

However I found that if a host/service goes down outside TimePeriod A, I dont get notification when TimePeriod A starts, i.e if TimePeriod A is 6 to 22, if a service goes down at 24, I dont get notified at 6am.

Is this the expected behavior. Is it possible to change this behavior so we get notification at 6am for the service that goes down at 24.


Hello if you have a notification config like:
apply Notification “mail-host-notification” to Host {
import “mail-host-notification”
period = “24x7”
users = [“MRADMIN”]
assign where host.name in [“HOST”]
interval = 0 // disable re-notification

you have the interval variable this means resend a notification every X hours (0 means disable)
So if you wirte for example 2 you will get a mail every 2 hours until the problem is fixed or until you acknoledge the problem.
The problem you got is expected as for as i know but with renotification you would get your mails.

Greetings, David

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Thanks. I have set interval but I have also set end time, as

    interval = 20m
    times = {
      end = 1h

So I guess I was not getting notification. I will remove the end time and see.


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