Task Scheduler - Monitoring - nscp-local-tasksched"

Hi Team,

I have been trying to monitor task that is running on task schedular library… Metric needs to check if task is running or not… If task is stopped it should send an email notification… The task is as shown below…

Here, Service block

apply Service "nscp-local-tasksched" {
  check_command = "nscp-local-tasksched"
  enable_notifications = false
  vars.nscp_tasksched_name = "\\********"
  command_endpoint = host.vars.client_endpoint
  assign where host.vars.client_endpoint

In icinga UI it showing warning alert with no tasks found… Can someone help on this?


Icinga’s agent is running by default as user Network Service and this account might not have sufficient permissions to run your check. Try LocalSystem or even better create a new user with a minimum of required grants.

Thanks for your response… You right its working… … I have changed manually in one of the server for icinga2 service in Log On As with local system… Actually we have 150 servers… Do we need update manually to change the Log On As in all servers or any best way that i can update at a time & will restart icinga2 service?

Can you please advise on this?


This is not an icinga topic but typical for Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Saltstack etc. or even Powershell Remoting.

Yeah… sure. That’s correct…I just thought of asking you…if its a part of icinga2 installation to use the local system account instead of network service account…