Sync rule filter applied on tags for AWS imported instances

Hi guys,

I’m trying to import some filtered instances from AWS platform into my icinga2 through the aws icinga2 module but a problem regarding the filter I chose appears because it seems to be an array of elements and I need for the filter only one of them.An example from import source preview is bellow:
Application: “PCons”,
Datadog-tag-1: “velo-prd”,
Datadog-tag-2: “cycle-prd”,
Environment: “PRD”,
External-Monitoring: “Datadog”,
Name: “PCons-ranch-h-prd-a”,
icinga2: “PCons-ranch-h-prd-a”
The question is how can I set the filter in order to extract the tag: “icinga2” and import only hosts that have this tag set and seen in tags property from import source.
Thank you in advance!!!

I’d say you can use the Modifiers tab to create property modifiers with targets and use them as filter in sync rules.

A similar example is posted here.