Switch between two masters (config -> non config)

I have two masters, satellites and agents. Everything running fine except I want my second master to become the primary/config Master.

What would be best practice to change the primary (config) role from one master to the other?

Additional question about enable_ha

I disabled both masters to enable_ha = false, I just want to use both master with separate icinga2 webinterfaces and separate databases. (No central database)

Question: where to set global.enable_ha ?

That’s a bug in 2.11.0, 2.11.2 makes that warning go away.

As I have troubles posting in another thread I decided to upgrade icinga2 to r2.1.2-1 and expected to resolve also this warning but the message still appears when running ‘icinga2 daemon -C’

1#Does anyone have an idea why this is still happening with the new version?

warning/config: Global variable ‘enable_ha’ has been set implicitly via 'enable_ha

2#Also, I would like some tips for my original question about smoothly changing the primary master
(config) role to the second master cause I want to phase out the primary master (config) server.