Suggestion in monitoring SNMP Traps

Hi Team,

I would need a solution in monitoring the traps.
My deployment set up is having two masters with high available mode with 4 other satellites.

Icinga web is installed only in Primary Icinga master server.

Here i am supposed to monitor around 8K network devices and each device will be sending out snmp traps.

My query is how do i approach this scenario.
Should i go with Icinga trap director get installed in the Master servers as Icinga web is needed for this deployment or should i go with snmptt get installed in all the Icinga master/satellite servers.

Problem with Trap director is that i can use them only in Masters not on satellites. So i should raise the server capacity to handle traps from all these devices.

Any good suggestions are most welcomed.


Have fun :smiley:

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for the options.
But i would how well this module can be fitted into the environment. Again trappola is dependent on master + Web.

Well, bringing everything to master is a good practice…am not sure of that. or as i mentioned in my earlier post, deploying snmptt would ease of the load from master servers.

That’s the call i wanted to take here.



if you don’t like to use the modules you could try to use logstash. In the liked thread I wrote a little bit how this could work. :wink:

Hi Stevie,

I am not saying am against modules.
here i would some good solution to receive traps from 8000 networking devices. so wanted a good approach.


When I dealt with the topic at the time, I found that every solution has advantages and disadvantages.In the end, you have to look at / test everything anyway and choose the solution that better suits your own infrastructure.:wink: Because of HA, we decided to use Logstash for SNMP Traps.