Strange and false fpm-php error when try to deploy

i’ve this error when try to deploy.
Obviously it’s false because the fpm-php is working correctly as icingaweb2
As you can see if i click on the deploy object i’ve the php error on right view,but if click on other two deploy above i see regular output (second attach)

Here the output about php-fpm

Any idea?
Now i’m unable to do any change in Icinga.
Thanks in advance

What versions are you using?
icinga2, icinga web2, director, php, os

did you recently install any php components and maybe need to restart php-fpm to make these changes come into effect?
Does the message go away after restarting php-fpm?

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icinga2 version is: r2.10.4-1
icingaweb2 version is: 2.6.2
director version is: 1.6.0
php version is: 5.6.0
Os: Centos 7.4 64bit

This server is untouched from months e months and if i reload php the problem is still present.



Look in /etc/php-fpm.conf for the location of the pid file. Check if it has been removed by accident or some script. If it is there, check its permissions.

I’d recommend using the SCL packages as described in the docs. PHP 7 improved the performance and resource usage in comparison with 5.6.x.


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thanks for the suggest, i’ll ask to my security reference if i can, unfortunately i’m not free to choose the version.

pid file have correct path and is presente, ive tried to change the permission but whithout succes.

I’m waiting for the authorization to install SCL

Pid file needs to be readable by all (aka 0644 in octal). Inside the config file , there should also be an entry for error logging. Check there just in case.

Permission are right, i’ve tourn on the error log and this is the output when try t deploy

[17-Feb-2020 15:40:02] WARNING: [pool www] child 14872 exited on signal 11 (SIGSEGV) after 53.990360 seconds from start
[17-Feb-2020 15:40:02] NOTICE: [pool www] child 15396 started