Stop sending more than 3 Notifications at downtimes

My Icinga2 is running in a Docker environment and I have set up my Notification.conf to notify me via Telegram when my Devices are having a downtime.
This works fine, but I am getting annoyed, since I get a text every 5 minutes until the host is up again.
What can I do, to not get more than 3 Notifications from each host.
To Acknowledge the problem everytime via Icingaweb is not the best option for me.
is there any var which I can use?

The interval in which re-notifications are sent can be configured on the notification object. There is also the attribute times.end which allows to stop notification after some time. So if you only want 3 notifications, just set times.end to your interval multiplied by 2.

The relevant documentation for the notification object: Object Types - Icinga 2

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