Show only hard states

I have one Icinga Web 2 user which should show only the hard states alarms.

I tried to filter with service.state.state_type=hard but an error appears which tells me that this filter is not allowed there:

Is there a way I can use to achieve this?

Thank you very much!

Hey M,

just checked that one with an “no-icingadb” enviroment, i could use:
service_state_type=0 for softstate
service_state_type=1 for hardstate

please correct if im wrong, was just taking a fast look



Do you know where I can find which filter I can use in Icinga Web 2?

I searched for service_state_type but I did not find anything…

I’d suggest you define your filter in the service list for example. The search there has auto completion and can assist better there.

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I’m resuming this thread because I tried to setup a restriction for a user which I want to see only host and services on hard states:

But I get this error logging in on Icinga Web 2 with this user:

Could you help me please?

Hi @d83,

You can only use the columns shown in the error message.