Share some check results from an Icinga2 master to another Icinga2 master

I must share the check results/states of a couple of hosts/services with another Icinga2 master, which is part of a different department/responsibility. We don’t want to perform all checks twice. Therefore it would be great to “forward” the results of some checks to the other Icinga2 installation. Merging the two Icinga2 installations into one is unfortunately not possible.

In the Nagios days, we implemented this with NSCA to forward the check results. I know there are Passive Check Results Advanced Topics - Icinga 2 in Icinga2, but from what I’ve seen, we would still need a service/process which regularly extracts the information from Icinga2 and sends it to the other Icinga2 master.

Any hints/ideas on how to share check states/results between two Icinga2 masters?

Cheers in advance!

We use a python script as a check on the main Icinga2 cluster to get some hosts, services and states from an other Icinga2. Collection and insert is done via API.

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