Setting up icinga2 distributed monitoring

I am trying to setup distributed monitoring using icinga2.

  • we have 3 sites A, B ,C
  • we want 1 master
  • we want satellites in each 3 sites A, B, C
  • I assume master has icingaweb2 and database where I see all the monitors for each satellites and their clients
  • what happens if master goes down? how do we get notifications? I mean do we login into each satellite to see the status of their clients for that you will need icingaweb2 on satellite as well
  • what happens if satellite goes down? what happens to it’s notifications? can we still see the status of satellite and it’s clients from master?
  • can i get some clarification?


take a look at the docs: The devs described how to configure some scenaries with recommendations, pitfalls etc.
I think after reading this a lot of questions would be clear :wink:

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