Service Values & Network Monitoring on Icinga2

Hi Team,

I have a couple questions. Can you please advise on these questions.

  1. On Icinga2 UI for windows local service checks(service-windows), in performance data i see the values like below… looks like if value is 4 then service looks okay… what if value is 3 or 5 or 6… What are those values from 1 to 7

  2. For Network monitoring i have just leave it with default. i didn’t understand the performance data fro network monitoring… & quit not able to understand which values i need to set for warning & critical… as per the documentation. i didn’t see any warning & critical default values for network-windows


Many thanks

Hello and thank you for your message.


For the service status values have a look on the Microsoft MSDN:

It represent the current status the service is in.


The plugin will tell you how much traffic is being handled by your network. In is all traffic your system is receiving, out is all traffic the system is sending and network is the combined metric.

I hope this helps.