Service problems showing warning always on icingaweb2

I have added websites to icingaweb2 via the director but on the dashboard their services always show WARNING instead of UP. Pinging their IPs also goes through as well in the terminal.

Find attached a pic of the incident.

Any help.

The first two warnings will be shown, because the round trip time to is larger then your threshold. You need to either improve the network connection or increase the threshold.

The third warning will be shown because your icingaweb2 server requires authentication. That is totally fine. You should adjust your check, so that it is expecting the http code 403 and there for the check will get green.

hi nexo,
Can you please help me on how to increase the threshold because am new to all this.
And also can you show me how to authenticate the icingaweb2 server.


Based on your Screenshot, you are using the director, so do the following:

Click on the service you want to modify.
In the section “Problem handling” you will find “Actions”. Click on “Modify” in order to get to the correct page in the director. There you can modify all properties related to that service. The available properties depend on the check you use, so I can’t tell you exactly what you need to change. So read the descriptions and do some tests until you reach your goal.

Kind regards

Thanks for the reply sir, hope you good.
Actually am just doing a normal ping(service) on that website for monitoring.
and the properties related to that service seems to be perfect to it. and the service is “check ping”.
i have tried as much with the modification with no avail and the service problem still shows “warning” but the host shows up displaying “one un-handled service”