Service notifications for defined hosts


I have an issue: I do not understand the logi (I did googled and looked for issues in community).

I need to enable notifications for services that being assigned to dedicated hosts.

Services needed notifications are members in group “Critical Service”.
Hosts needed services apply to are members in group “Critical Host”.
Notification is shown below:

I do understand, that Notification object can be for Services or Hosts, but how could I combine conditions?



the generated notification apply rule in the background can either be applied to Host or Service types. In case you want to have that for both, you need to create two notification apply rules.


Dear Michael,

How do I do that?


Let me re-phrase it:

I have notifications for

  1. Services, which are members of “sg Critical service”
  2. Hosts, which are members of “hg Critical host”
    by this:
  3. all service changes which belongs to sg “Critical services” will trigger notifications
  4. all host changes which belongs to hg "Critical hosts"will trigger notifications.

How do I trigger only critical services only on critical hosts?