Service dependencies notification not disabled

I have set up a dependency to stop notifications from mysql performance checks when check_mysql_up is not in OK or Unknown state however there is still a notification on the Icingaweb2 dashboard. I only want a notification in the dashboard that the check_mysql_up check is in either Critical or Warning.

Below is the dependency:

apply Dependency "my_site_db_dep" to Service {
    parent_service_name = "check_mysql_up"

#    disable_checks = true

    states = [ OK, Unknown ]
    assign where match("check_mysql*",  # && == "my_site"
    ignore where == "check_mysql_up"

Below is the debug log output:

[2021-04-22 09:07:25 +0300] notice/Dependency: Dependency 'my_site!check_mysql_threads-running!my_site_db_dep' failed. Parent service 'my_site!check_mysql_up' is CRITICAL
[2021-04-22 09:07:25 +0300] debug/Checkable: All dependencies have failed for checkable 'my_site!check_mysql_threads-running': Marking as unreachable.

Please assist

This issue was also reported in Service display by service_severity doesn't take care of dependencies · Issue #3355 · Icinga/icingaweb2 · GitHub

Its related to how icingaweb2 displays related service which are down.

Found the issue first in this post Make overdue (or unreachable) checks better visible · Issue #3212 · Icinga/icingaweb2 · GitHub