Sensor reports Permissions Denied

Hello Forum,

yesterday I wanted to integrate my first sensor into the monitoring, which is supposed to output the room temperature when it is too cold. Unfortunately, the sensor in icinga2 reports “Permissions Denied”.

Does anyone have an idea how I can solve the problem?


without further information it’s like a shoot in the dark and the causes can be varied (for this look FAQ - Icinga Community). That mean following:

  • what OS you’re using where the check is running?
  • what check you’re using? Maybe it is self written?
  • Do you get the temperature from an API? Are there credentials needed?
  • If it is a Linux system: How look the file/user permission?
  • What happens if you run the check manually from console?
  • Any hints in the icinga2 log?

Maybe this helps you: Troubleshooting - Icinga 2