Segfault Error

Icinga2 version - 2.11.3-1

May 24 09:31:21 agmaster-icinga-1a kernel: icinga2[531]: segfault at 48 ip 000000000062a617 sp 00007fbd824b2990 error 4 in icinga2[400000+a0c000]

We are stuck with this error for almost a week now. Don’t see any errors when restarting Icinga2. Only when we check the status of Icinga2 and other logs we see this.

We are afraid that we will have to re do the entire work all again which would take another few days of our efforts.

I ran icinga2 daemon -x debug, didn’t get any errors or warnings. However went through each conf and other files icinga2 going through. I noticed that
[2020-05-28 16:55:43 +0000] information/ConfigObject: Restoring program state from file '/var/lib/icinga2/icinga2.state'

The file was last updated on May 21st 2020, and Icinga2 is still trying to reference that. I emptied the file, restarted Icinga2 and it has started successfully. Let me know of your views on this fix.

Any output with errors from icinga2 daemon -C ?

No, I didn’t get any errors.

Then we need more information about how you installed icinga2 the distribution you use etc.



Do you have a backup of that state file and/or a core dump?

All the best,


We were unable to generate the core dump. The backup has been removed after a few days of the fix. We will try to have dumps generated if we encounter similar problem in future.

Haris P A

The upcoming v2.11.4 will contain a fix which may solve your problem.

Hi Carsten,

icinga2 version - 2.11.3-1

We installed from yum repository and from epel release following these steps
cd /tmp && wget -O epel.rpm -nv sudo yum install -y ./epel.rpm sudo rpm --import sudo yum install -y sudo sed -i -e 's/$releasever/7/g' /etc/yum.repos.d/ICINGA-release.repo sudo yum makecache sudo yum install -y icinga2

We are not facing any problem since the fix. As @Al2Klimov mentioned, we hope to have this fixed in next release.

Thank you, we hope the next release fixes this issue.