Search failed on HostGroup and ServiceGroup using default filters : <object>.name_ci field is unknown


I use docker latest versions of icinga, using docker-compose.yml from

I detect errors searching on HostGroup or ServiceGroup using default filters from IcingaWeb UI.
fields used by defaults are .name_ci & .display_name

Nothing is returned, and field name_ci is displayed in red color as an unknown field.
Correcting criteria replacing name_ci by name works fine!!!

Is there something wrong on my side or it’s a packaging error of latest image(s) ?

For information .name_ci is also used on others objects using default filters, but there is no issue.

Thanks for replies

Try servicegroup, servicegroup_alias, hostgroup and hostgroup_alias instead.


I know how to correct search setting updating fields, but I want a correction of default fields … in provided package or image.
I don’t want to correct search each time I use it!
It’s seems more an issue on packaging in docker image


Maybe this is a IDO vs. IcingaDB thing?

IcingaDb is use in docker-compose.yml file, not IDO.

In Case, Is there potential migration tools available?


that’s a bug I’m afraid. Migration won’t help here.

Please create an issue on Github, if you don’t mind. Thank you.

Thanks for check