Safe update Icinga2

Hello folks!
I have a pretty old Icinga2 cluster:

Icinga Web 2 Version - 2.8.2
PHP Version - 7.3.11

Loaded modules

audit 	1.0.1
businessprocess 	2.3.0
cube 	1.0.1
director 	1.7.2
doc 	2.8.2
fileshipper 	1.1.0
grafana 	1.3.4
incubator 	0.5.0
ipl 	v0.5.0
monitoring 	2.8.2
reactbundle 	0.8.0
translation 	2.8.2

And database Mysql 5.7

I am going to upgrade step by step to the latest version. Should I upgrade to the nearest major version like 2.9 then 2.10 etc? Or I can upgrade to 2.12.0 and then to the newest version.
Please advise. Thanks!

Hi @akontiy,
there is no happy answer to that I am afraid :slight_smile:
Between 2.8.2 and the newer versions are some breaking changes which you might encounter.

I would go for incremental updates and fixing whatever breakes in between.
Or installing it from scratch on a new machine, depending on how is configured and how much you value that.

Can’t really be more specific without taking a look myself.

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