Reports with PowerBI, possible?

Has anyone had any luck using PowerBI with Icinga to get some reports, for statistics primarily, for example, amount of alerts per week, then further filtering. The goal is to have some reporting. I have checked the reporting module that is available but I am looking for something else.

If it is possible, would using an API from PowerBI be best or to query the MYSQL directly from PowerBI. I am new to PowerBI but have been asked to provide some stats and we have the PowerBI platform ready to be used. I had a look on in the internet but didn’t find much so perhaps what I am asking is unreasonable.

The Module itself is ok, but not the best, some of our colleagues use the reporting Module to generate some general reports for PowerBI.
You can export the data manually or automated and import them to PowerBI.
So the Module mainly is used to merge the data together, the most filterering and prettifying in PowerBI.

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Good idea on using the Reporting module and exporting into PowerBI, will give that a go. Thanks.