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Hi, I’m sorry if this is against the rules, I hope it is not.

I am looking for an hour of someone’s time (paid of course), to remote desktop in and help me configure a single satellite, connected to a single host. I feel I am very close, I have managed to connect the remote unit as a satellite and it appears within hosts on the master. I am even able to run check_ping against. But for the life of me I cannot figure out how to run a custom script on the satellite endpooint.

I have a custom python script. This check runs fine on the command line on the satellite using:

sudo -u nagios /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/ (Returns a value of 230, typically)

However I don’t know how to configure this to run properly as a check directly on the satellite. I have tried configuring with the director (I have done all of my configuration thus far with director) but have been unsuccessful. It appears when I try to configure it, the master is trying to run the script locally, not on the endpoint. The script checks a ModBus register of a device connected directly to the satellite.

I am really trying to convince my work to setup a support package with Icinga directly (I have even spoke to Icinga reps on the phone), but until I can show the setup working, my work won’t go for it. I realise this is probably contradictory, usually you need support to help things first. I’ve pretty much set everything else up, it is just this last step that I desperately need help with.

Hello there!

It does sound like you’re in a little bit of a predicament here…

You said you already talked to someone from Icinga and I don’t know what the showstopper was, but maybe filling out a quote over here will get you where you need to be?

Alternatively: It might take a little longer, but if you post your specific issues people might be willing to walk you through it here in the forum :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,


if you still need someone to help you remotly, send me a pm.


Thanks Feu

It was simply a matter of our company not wanting to pay for a support package if I can’t demonstrate a working environment. I have configured many things, successfully but it is just this last part that is giving me a headache! The documentation seems, good I am sure it is something I have missed.

I plan to get back in touch with the representative after I have ‘sold’ the idea to my company. I am just keen to get this sorted sooner rather than later.

Thank you, you too!

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If your satellite is configured correctly and local satellite check (like disk, cpu) are working, try creating a host template where the only setting you change is the “Cluster Zone”. Change it to the Satellite zone name and add this template additional to the host that should execute the checks from the satellite. Also, if you want that the check is executed local, set the “Run on Agent” to no in the Service Template.


  • Change the zone to add the host configuration to the zone of the satellite.
  • Change the “Run on Agent” to “no”, to execute command in the zone and not on the agent, if you connect agents to the satellite.
  • Only change “Run on Agent” to yes for your custom check, if you want that the check is triggerd from the master, but executed on the satellite.