Release roadmap or new snapshot for Icinga DB

Is there any expected release date for IcingaDB RC3? We’re very interested in seeing if it solves our performance issues with the Ido backend, but as with a few other users, we will need PostgreSQL support.

I notice this has recently been merged into the master branch, but there’s currently no way to get a release with that code included. An expected date for RC3 would of course be great, but a new snapshot release would be just as good. There hasn’t been one published since November last year, and I can see a number of improvements since then.

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Happy to see people following our process!
We have made some good progress, but we’re still tying up some loose ends to make sure that the RC3 is valuable for tests and of course you as users.
I can’t tell you a date, as we don’t have one set right now, but we have a goal in mind we want to reach before releaseing.

As soon as we are ready for the next RC you will most likely hear about it in a blogpost and a sticky posting here on the forum :slight_smile:

Great to hear that progress is coming along! I totally understand the process involved in making RC3 as solid as possible. In the meantime, is it possible to get a new snapshot release containing the changes on master at Github? I’m more than happy to deal with any instability or bugs - we just want to try out whatever exists at the moment :slight_smile:

Had a little chat with our developers yesterday and the snapshots for deb and rpm should be up now :slight_smile: