Reasonable set of default plugins to use

I’m looking for a resonable set of basic checks for linux clients …
Currenlty i’m using

  • check_apt (to see if there are uninstalled updates)
  • check_disk
  • check_load

as pre-defined in director.
Am working on

    as predefined in dierector though that check is already not included in debian so i have to add it manually.
    It seems the is default for network?

I’m trying to use checks included in debian where possible to get upgrades etc. :smiley:
Anything important i’m missing? Any other checks for the same metrics i might want to take a closer look at?
(Strangely the windows set seems more complete …)

I’d say this also depends on what type of task the server is fulfilling. And also on the kind of monitoring (local vs. remote)
Load, Disk, Memory and Updates is also the basic checks that I’m implementing.
nagios-snmp-plugins gives you some good snmp plugins.

For the monitoring servers themselves I also implement the icinga, icinga-ido and cluster-zone checks with the internal icinga commands. As well as an ntp check with check_ntp_time

i got icinga agent running everywhere :slight_smile:
it’s my basic service set, so i want disk (check), cpu (check), memory (i’m adding now), network (not sure what check to use yet) and updates
and then i of course add indiviual checks for the services running on top