Question about switches and AP

Can you tell me if I am able to monitor Aruba switches for hardware problems and also for port status changes like if a port goes down that is currently up?

Also is it possible to monitor my APs for the status if they go down. Some like the ping checks do for my hosts?


most likely yes. It is common that network devices (switches, access points, printers, etc.) provide such information via SNMP. You need to query the object identifier (OID) that provide the status information. Often there are multiple OIDs for a bunch of different information. For example a printer has OIDs for toner level information, supply (paper) level information and often a bunch of other information. If you have a MIB file for your device this make things a lot easier, since a MIB file contains all OIDs that your device provides.

But often there are already plugins that implements checks for specific devices with the correct OIDs. Search on Icinga Exchange for your device you want to monitor. For example I found a check for Aruba procurve switches here: (check_snmp_procurve).

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