Question about mail notification

first of all, I’m not good at english…

I finished to install Icinga2 via a post

os : centos 7.7.1908

now I want to know how to setup mail notification
In my web, there is a notification sector but empty

what should i do?
please tell me step by step…

No offense(!), but if your knowledge is that basic I would advise you to carefully read the official documentation for Icinga 2!
It describes the setup of Icinga 2 and its components in detail and walks you through the different configuration objects with examples.

Installation process for every major distribution:

Monitoring basics (hosts/services, templates, apply rules, notifications and so on):

Reading through the docs will give you the basic knowledge to setup up a simple system and if you have specific issues then, just come back and ask on the forums :slight_smile:

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thanks, @log1c

I saw that pages, but It’s hard for someone who doesn’t good at English like me…
anyway, thanks

Maybe try this tutorial additionally to the documentation

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