Question about checking a service from multiple zones

I have host and service checks defined in multiple zones that monitor the same thing. I just append the zone name to the name of the check to make it unique. So every check is named something like “Main webserver from hq1, Main webserver from from hq2, etc”, all applied to their respective zones. Much redundancy yes, but that extra info is great when it’s needed.

On some of these checks I would like to group them on different criteria, some critical only when checks from all zones are critical, some critical if more than 50% of zones are critical. Each one is different in it’s need.

I’ve looked at check_cluster and check_multi along with things like this, but I’m not seeing an elegant fit into what I’m wanting to do…likely because I just haven’t looked hard enough yet.

Has anyone else tackled something like this?

I’m not using Director.