Prtocoling application activity


a basic question: Does icinga support protocoling activity on the app layes ? E.G. App1 sends some data tp App2. This event should be protocoled (legal issue).

Such activities can have influence on the performance. The analysis would be easier having both data (icinga and app protocol) in the same system .

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Please explain in more detail what you mean by “protocol”.

You say this is a legal issue, but bear in mind that to the majority of
computer people on this list / forum, the word protocol refers to things like
TCP / IP / SMTP / HTTP, and I don’t get the impression that’s what you’re
talking about.


E.G. for “Protocol” App1 has to log some actvities like sending data to an other App. The log contains the data itself, sender, receiver app. This is stipulated by laws and guidelines.

I supported a similar product in the nineties (called “CA Unicenter”) and I remembered, that there was an API for thet purpose.

Please forgive me, if I’m here wrong with my question.

So, in essence, you want Icinga to monitor some specific contents of log files?

Maybe the following can help?


Hi Antony,

partialy, because not all of the “protocol data” being written in to a file, some of them are stored in a database.



Okay, so, please tell us what you would do, as a manual operation, to achieve
what you want to get Icinga to do, and then we might be able to help you work
out what service checks might be helpful.

In any situation where the requirement is more complicated than “disk space
usage” or “web server ping response time”, the best place to start from is “if
I were monitoring this myself as a human, what would I be looking for?”