Project description on Icinga Exchange

I have added a plugin project to icinga exchange. But I was wondering that some of the projects have a short description and some not (including mine).

A example to show what I mean: Just search for “aws” or follow this link

How can I add such a short description to my projects?

the descriptions are usually imported directly from github. so add a shot description on github and maybe a with a longer one and it should be imported in the next run


what Kevin said. Though, if you don’t have a Github project that’s still available for those. It’s called the Introduction, you can configure this in your project details.

Thanks for your answers. My source is at gitlab, not github. It seems that the auto import of the introduction didn’t work with gitlab.

If I create a new project “Synchronize a Github Project on Icinga Exchange” is selected but could switched to “You can also create a new project on Icinga Exchange” by clicking on that link. There I found the Introduction section as described. That works for me. Thanks for your hints!