Problem with icinga on different sites

Hello guys,
I have 2 main sites(for explanatory reasons i will refer to them as site A and site B).
In each of those sites i have 3 servers for icinga(one for web, one for db and one for the backend).
I have recently configured a mysql replication between both of the db servers in sites A and B.
Site A is my primary site and B is my DR site.
the problem is that the dbs do replicate whenever a change occurs on site A as it should, and i can alse see the addition in site B’s API, however site A does save the changes onto its DB but it’s API is completely empty…
It seems as if the API does not communiicate with the dbs for some reason.
PS: permissions on the dbs are exactly the same on both sites.

Would really appreciate your help,
Thanks in advance,

Mysql replication is a thing, but HA on icinga is something different, this is whats fills icinga api, they directly message each others about what’s going on, when they are configured to.
The api does not rely on database, this one is used only for IDO, which is meant for icinga web and store checks/status changes and outputs.

Are your icinga’s of site A and B in the same zone ?

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No they are not.
They are completely seperated.
They both are under the master zone, but each on their own with no connection to each other.

So, you have two completely independent Icinga installations, with no HA setup
between them, and you are doing MySQL database replication between them.


What are you trying to achieve here?

Also, when you say “they are both under the master zone”, are these each
masters with clients and/or satellites underneath them, or are these
satellites underneath a common master?


In this case, it’s expected you dont find information on API from site A on the site B, icinga dont rely on database for it’s inners working aside from IDO.

As @Pooh requested, more informations would be welcomed.