Priority of an endpoint

I cannot find answer to this:
I would like to do satellite monitoring with Icinga2 with two endpoints on the satellite location.
(2 hosts which would run checks).

Is it possible to setup priority of Endpoints. So icinga2 master would prefer one instead of another?
And if the preferred goes down or connection lost to it. All checks would be handled by the second
endpoint (checker host).


So is your setup like this?

Zone 1 > Agent1, Agent2

If so, I’m not sure that it’s possible from an Icinga standpoint, but possibly from a floating IP and/or load balancer standpoint (HA proxy or something similar).

I could be wrong, but we use the current behavior to our advantage because of the size of our infrastructure.

No, a pair is always active-active. There is an algorithm used to assign authority and the checker feature is based on authority.

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In hindsight, not sure HA Proxy or something similar would work without some extra magic either:

Icinga would have to be configured to believe that only one endpoint is in the zone; in the case of a failover, the api package won’t match up. There would have to be a way to get the “passive” node kept up-to-date with all of the config objects.

First of all thanks for the answers and sorry for the late reply.
Let me narrow down my issue and maybe there is a workaround for it:
I am going to have 2 sites and I would like to setup HA. I would like to monitor network devices
and from interface, memory, cpu utilization monitoring perspective, it does not matter which
icinga2 server does the check. But from icmp (ping) it would be good that local icinga2 server ping
the local network devices… so is there any trick etc. to solve this?

You need to look at the distributed monitoring docs.

Instead of HA masters, you are looking for Satellite zones with agents in them.

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