Prevent the icinga agent from providing certain information when someone executes a curl request

Hello everyone,

i‘m new in the forum, but work now for some time with icinga, it‘s a great monitoring system

Now i have a question, i couldn’t find a answer for.
I searched the documentation, unfortunately without a success.

If someone executes a curl request on a monitored server(monitored throught the icinga2 agent)

curl -Ilks https://hostname_server:5665

the person receives the following Information:

HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Server: Icinga/r2.13.6-1
Content-Type: text/html
Content-Length: 67
Connection: close

Now for my question:
Is there a way to stop icinga2 from delivering certain Information, when a request of this kind is made?
I want to suppress the Icinga Version in the server line.
It doesn’t seem possible, but I wanted to ask anyway.

Thank you in advance for your replies

Hi & welcome,

There is no need to open API on agents.

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Also restricting access via a firewall of WAF to only allow connections from trusted hosts if the API can’t be disabled on some nodes.

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i’m Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the Infos,
that helps me, I’m a little upset that I didn’t think of that