Powershell Framework: endpoint zone error


I´m trying the new powershell framework with icinga director and windows server 2019 standard. After I run my install wizard with the following options:

[Notice]: The wizard is complete. These are the configured settings:
-UseDirectorSelfService 1
-DirectorUrl 'http://internal.localhost/icingaweb2/director'
-Endpoints 'director-global'
-AcceptConnections 1
-OverrideDirectorVars 0
-InstallFrameworkService 0
-InstallFrameworkPlugins 0
-CAFile ''
-EmptyCA 1
-InstallFrameworkService 0

I get this error:

[2021-02-02 15:21:15 +0100] critical/config: Error: Object 'director-global' of type 'Zone' re-defined:     in C:/ProgramData/icinga2/etc/icinga2/zones.conf: 16:1-16:29; previous definition: in C:/ProgramData/icinga2/etc/icinga2/zones.conf: 7:1-7:29
Location: in C:/ProgramData/icinga2/etc/icinga2/zones.conf: 16:1-16:29
C:/ProgramData/icinga2/etc/icinga2/zones.conf(14): }
C:/ProgramData/icinga2/etc/icinga2/zones.conf(16): object Zone "director-global" {
C:/ProgramData/icinga2/etc/icinga2/zones.conf(17):     global = true;
C:/ProgramData/icinga2/etc/icinga2/zones.conf(18): }

[2021-02-02 15:21:15 +0100] critical/cli: Config validation failed. Re-run with 'icinga2 daemon -C' after fixing the config.

I don´t know really, how endpoint should be defined. I´m using a small localhost environment without SSL. Any hints? I´m using the latest Icinga2 on a Ubuntu 20.04 VM.


are you sure that this is could be correct?

‘director-global’ is a global zone not an Endpoint

Thanks, no I´m not sure, which value is meant by this field. Also how do I force a reinstall when a setup finalized with an error?

The endpoint is the hostname of the parents. That means the satellite or the master.

Here in the docs you’ll find a list with the parameters including an explanation explhttps://icinga.com/docs/icinga-for-windows/latest/doc/frameworkusage/03-Install-Wizard-Guide/

Thanks, this link has helped, but I still don´t get it, what my parent node / master is. I´ve used the FQDN, but it doesn´t seem to work:

critical/config: Error: Zone 'remote-machine.localhost' can not have a global zone as parent. Location: in [[stage]/zones.d/director-global/agent_zones.conf]: 1:0-1:40 [[stage]/zones.d/director-global/agent_zones.conf](1): object Zone "remote-machine.localhost" { ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ [[stage]/zones.d/director-global/agent_zones.conf]: parent = "director-global" [[stage]/zones.d/director-global/agent_zones.conf](3): endpoints = [ "remote-machine.localhost" ]

Maybe you tell us something about your icinga infrastructure. After it should possible to help better which values you should write where into the wizard.

yes, no problem, which infos are needed? Is there any command, which lists this info?

how your setup looks like?
is it a ha setup? how many master server? do you have satellites?
usally this information are in a zones.conf file.