Post installation not able to login into Icinga2

Hello Team,
I have installed Icinga2 successfilly with MariaDB and during initial setup I have created user with database option but when i am trying to login it is not working and also i have tried with default user / password which i find in internet.

Request help to resolve the issue. Thanks in advance !!!


here’s no “team” which is responsing, it is us, the Icinga community :kissing_heart:

In order to fully understand your question, please add the versions involved from Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2. The FAQ also has some hints on how to ask a fully fledged question.

Also, these errors typically require a screenshot of the browser, and you also should look into the application logs (icingaweb2, apache/nginx) to find out more about the specific errors.


Thanks @dnsmichi for your reply.
I figured it out. issue was During icinga2 setup language was Germany …after that it was translated to English…Due to that when i am passing login details it is saying in correct user / password.
When i translate browser language to German it worked :).