Possibility To create a Separate DB and icingaweb specifically for Reporting Module

Hello There

Our current setup is as follows

So we already have 2 masters each connected to their respective DBs and in turn connected to their respective icingaweb.

We would like to have a third completely separate icingaweb for latest reporting module. I do not want to disturb the existing setup or installation as this is too critical for the customer right now.

is there a way i can just install a third DB and a third icingaweb Server and somehow make the secondary master sync data with that DB too using the ido?

Any guidance steps / rought architecture diagram / configuration will be very helpful

You can just create a second IdoPgsqlConnection object in your configuration to write to a second database.

Given that you already write to two databases on both masters, you’re probably familiar with setting enable_ha. This can then be done as well if you care about which of the two masters writes to that new database.

However, be aware that there’s a bug with multiple active IDO objects on the same Icinga 2 node at the moment that can result in the notification history missing notified contacts or showing additional incorrect contacts. That will be fixed with the upcoming 2.12.7/2.13.3 releases.


Yes my setup enable_ha=false as I am using two stand alone postgres DB. So based on your feedback we can do this post the new release. I guess we will eagerly wait for the release and then create a setup like this